A Retro Revival

Bible college, a Superbowl ad, tasty meals

I’m going back to my OG template since I haven’t been consistent in writing the newsletter for a few months now. Having a structure helps when I don’t know what to write for the week, but I’ll move away from the template if my excitement demands it.

River of Updates

You know about my internship and side business, but I haven’t told you that I’m in Bible College for a semester. FAQ:

  • What are you studying?

Mostly the Bible, but also leadership skills since the official title is Diploma of Leadership. Plus, I love how I have to take an internship unit here and I chose Conference (Event Management) and Marketing. I’ve always wanted to learn about events but never got the opportunity until now.

  • Why did you do it?

I was hesitant because studying instead of working seems illogical, but I felt called to do it so I did. I have zero regrets!

  • How has it been?

It’s been a memorable 16 weeks. The college provided a great foundation for my life as I’ve come out a different person and have grown so much in my faith. The people were amazing, the lecturers were super insightful, and the enthusiasm was infectious. I will definitely miss my friends :(

Wall of Fame

Working in an advertising agency means I occasionally stumble upon remarkable campaigns. This one was fun!

Off-road Specials

Best food I’ve had during this 2 weeks snap lockdown?

Pork jowl spinach salad with roasted potato and fried eggs. The crispiness of the pork + freshness of spinach + potato carbs + creaminess of the egg yolk = SO GOOD. And yeah, I cooked that.

These Vietnamese desserts aren’t messing around. The texture that comes from the variety of different ingredients is exquisite, the durian added irreplaceable creaminess, and it’s not too sweet (the biggest compliment from Asians).

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