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The Poetry Pharmacy ⚕

He had blood on his hand. Moments earlier, he got a front row view of a man flying after getting hit by a truck. Haunted by noises of that horrific accident, he was suddenly comforted as his mind recited “Ambulances” by Philip Larkin.

Discovering it’s power, William Sieghart started to send his friends poem to cheer them up. He didn't realize how impactful it would be, until his friend set him up for a poetry counseling session. He was to listen to people’s problem and prescribe a poem for them. After 5 hours, he was still there with more people queueing up. In 2017, he put together his best prescriptions in his book, The Poetry Pharmacy.

Sieghart says that poetry is so powerful because reading the right ones makes you feel someone understands and it helps you move on. What's special is that someone might be from hundreds of years ago.

Words in poems are beautiful in a subtle way. I'm going to try writing one to switch things up.

What's your favorite poem?

Playing with Shadow and Light

Intersection by Anila Quayyum Agha, a Pakistani-American artist is made by playing with shadow and lights. The whole room is bathed in patterns created by a laser cut steel box. To her, the installation expresses exclusion and wonder.

More people choose light instead of shadow but one wouldn't exist without the other.

Where do you think the name Intersection comes from?

  • intersection of light and shadow

  • intersection of exclusion and wonder

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