Being Accomplished in Neverland

Soon, all this will be mine?

The desire to be great drives us to always learn and always set a higher goal once we achieved the previously set target. Where we are now, the place that was once seen as a distant dream, immediately become a source of dissatisfaction once we stop moving.

Unhappy with the way my toy store is going, I was finding ways to upgrade myself and strategies to increase sales. Surely during this lockdown I could devote even more time to my business and produce even great results?

I saw so much potential, yet little progress. I was so frustrated. Why can’t I do more? Why can’t I be more?

Mulling over that exact thought, a realization hit me. I am living the life my younger self dreamed of. My 18 years old self wrote down the goal of having a business that produces half of my current profit. I never thought that that goal would come true in such a short period of time, while juggling a full time job too!

Reminder to self: you’ll never feel accomplished unless you take the time to celebrate each win!

Future Landfill

Woolies, the biggest supermarket chain in Aussie, launched a series of Lion King plastic figures after seeing its rival’s collectables pushed sales to new heights.

Aware of the negative environmental effect these plastic ooshies will create, creative directors Alex Wadelton and Tom Whitty and photographer Stu Morley came up with a protest campaign. By recreating scenes from The Lion King using the figures with landfill as the background, the trio hoped to bring awareness and stop the reckless promotion.

The next year, as Woolies put out yet another line of collectables, Future Landfill hit back again.

Instead of just complaining, they also proposed a solution: exclusive collectible cards printed on biodegradable paper with seeds embedded.

Advertising ain’t all that bad hey? Check them out here.

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