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My whole life I've been a prisoner. Now I'm getting out of jail and getting a taste of freedom, but it's nothing like my expectations.

Getting Out of the Prison

Feast for the eyes

Wes Anderson’s signature visual style is enchanting. His color palette is striking and mesmerizing. He is very hands on and particular when directing his movies as he knows exactly what he wants and that is why all of his works are excellent.

Lorena G’s flat illustration of The Grand Budapest Hotel captures the movie’s charming story and aesthetic perfectly.

Flight of Ideas

For an industry in turbulent times, airlines need to be creative in generating revenue. Here are three ways the airlines industry is pivoting their business to survive:

  • The fastest selling flights in Qantas history is a seven hour flight to.. nowhere. In 10 minutes, all the seats for the flight departing from Sydney and going around Queensland, Gold Coast, and eventually back New South Wales were sold out.
    This is not the first no-destination flight as Japan's All Nippon Airways flew a 90-minute scenic flight on one its “Flying Honu” Airbus A380 aircraft. The airlines created a Hawaiian resort-style experience in the airport and plane, which normally flies between Tokyo and Honolulu. Taiwan and Brunei’s airlines also successfully tried this.

  • I’ll let you judge this one. Qantas came up with a limited edition designer clothing line with a starting price of $250 (tote bag) to $305 (cashmere sweater).

  • Airplanes food isn't the best, but this is the evidence that people use emotion instead of logic in their buying decision. Thai Airways opened a pop up restaurant where you have to enter using a special boarding pass. You can even choose between business and economy class, and served the exact same menu that you would get in flight. In a similar fashion, Singapore Airlines’ transformed their plane into a restaurant and reservations were sold out in 30 minutes.

Bursting the Bubble

NBA Bubble is officially a success. NBA is non committal on replicating it though because of it’s impact on players’ mental health. What interests me is the bubble’s logistics. Each teams can bring their own trainers, coaching staff, and front office personnel. All in all, there were more than 1,500 people in the bubble during the regular season that needed. Plus, you have to get permission to leave and will be subject to quarantine when you reenter the bubble.

The video focuses on food logistics. The bubble has two zones, inner bubble for players and outer bubble for chefs. The chefs can only move across the zone with buses. The teams place orders online, the chefs will packaged it safely, and then hand off the food to runners who can only enter the first security point. After that, it’s picked up by second runner who will deliver it to players.

If you want to know more, here’s how things get inside the bubble, how the laundry is done, and how four barbershops operates. I also found article about their daily COVID testing. Plus, Sixers rookie Matisse Thybulle filmed a vlog series of his bubble experience.

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