What's the point of new year?

Battle between intuition and facts

Happy new year to you! Coming off Christmas and New Year’s holiday, I’m here with fresh mind and content. Let’s go!

Superfan for a Night

What is it like being superfan even just for a night? I recreated the most memorable night in my life in my project “Superfan for a Night”. In this article, I shared four things I learned in my process of completing an 8 weeks design project with no design background at all.

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Reflecting on 2020?

A week into this new year, have you ever thought why we have new year?

“It’s to partition off everything that’s happened to us, to get a moment to say that we’re done with that and have a little hope that the future will be different.”

I thought of some questions can help reflect on the good things that happened in 2020:

  • Best habit you’ve built during quarantine? 

  • Things you would like to do more of next year?

  • Hidden gem in your area?

  • Best/worst purchase of the year? 

  • Of all the goals achieved, which are most surprising to you?

  • The best unexpected thing that happened this year?

  • One thing that made you proud of yourself?

  • Best person to spend quarantine?

Instead of being afraid by how fast time flies, make sure that every year counts!

A Diary for Food

I gained a few pounds during lockdown due to the lack of physical activities + snacking + stress from assignments. Hands up if you’re familiar with my situation lol.

Disclaimer: The pic above does NOT represent my eating habit.

Now that the lockdown has ended in my city, I’m sure that I eat less while exercising more. However, the scale isn’t budging. So now I decide to keep a food diary to make sure that my intuition is in line with the facts.

On the bright side, I found my favourite drink! It’s healthy, sweet, and often contains no sugar. Behold it’s the Kombucha!! You need to choose the right flavour though, otherwise you’re gonna be traumatized by the taste.

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