Pre Launch Edition

A glimpse of what's coming

This newsletter is a way for me to start conversations with you. I’ll be sharing the things that inspire me, what I’ve found interesting, my learnings and personal updates. 

Before I sent out started this newsletter, I’ve published 2 articles.

My first ever article is about personal vs personalized opinion titled Thinking Out Loud. It’s based from my own personal experience and growth in interacting with other people.

Why do we need an excuse to say no? Is saying no a bad thing? These are the questions I explored in my essay. My conclusion is saying no is the ultimate productivity tool.

I made the commitment to create a Twitter thread every day during Write of Passage Cohort. So far, I’ve written 25 threads. Each thread is a reflection of what I’ve learned in that day.

Question for you: What’s the one thing that you think everyone should learn?

I personally think it’s how to work with people. You don’t need to have specific skills, but you can work with skilled people and get the same results or better.

This is my pre-launch issue, so I would really appreciate it if you have any suggestions!

I think the best ideas come from conversations, so if you have something to say, feel free to reply or DM me on Twitter. You can also find out more about me or my writing on