Late Night Buzzin

When nature sings, you listen.

Hey 🖐 !

I’ve been looking and applying for graduate program or internship this week and tbh I hate it. Is there a better way? Current plan is to look up for companies I’m interested in and then apply, but I feel like that’s a roulette.

Speaking of roulette, do you feel like this newsletter is unpredictable or surprising? Is there anything you would like me to add? Any format change? I’m open to suggestions, just hit reply!

River of updates

After 3 years in university and being a mentor, I realized that I have lots of university hacks to get the most out of the biggest investment in our life. This article answers the question that I constantly ask myself during my three years course.

What Units Should I Take?

Not Walking the Talk

My plan to walk everyday hasn’t been successful because I’ve been staying up late until 4 am for BASB (Building a Second Brain) mentor sessions. To be fair, I chose to stay up longer as I love the 4-5am mornings. I get to read books, summarize them, came up with ideas for blogs and other contents in two hours. If that isn’t productive I don’t know what is lol.

The weather doesn’t help either. It was sunny and warm before but now it’s five degrees (Celsius) and rains all the time. When I do walk though, I relish every second of it. My favorite thing to do is hearing birds’ chirps, then looking up and searching for that 🦜

Zero Screen Time

Since I committed to writing weekly and online learning took place, my screen time skyrocketed. I don’t want my eyesight to decline, so I’m going to attempt going for 24 hours without screen time.

Phone replacements:

  • notebook

  • pencil /pen

  • physical books

  • jump rope

  • take a long walk

  • Any other suggestions?

My prediction: Time will feel really slow and I’ll be struggling to find things to entertain me.

I’ll update you next week! Let me know if you want to do it too

Marketing realm

Brilliant marketing campaign from Mother London for IKEA 👇

P.s. the branding for Business Class from the OG #GIRLBOSS Sophia Amoruso is 🔥
Okay apparently her website is also on point.

Who has the best website?


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