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Supporting and connecting with each other seems to be the theme of the week

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River of updates

I wrote about Russell Westbrook’s Runway is the NBA Tunnel. Westbrook is the NBA’s fashion king and he capitalizes it by creating his own clothing line, Honor the Gift. I followed his journey from collaborating with famous brands to opening two fashion ventures by himself.

Creativity realm

Offlight is a lamp that will only turns on if a phone is put on top of it. This kind of thoughtful and life enhancing product is a big reason why I love design. The designers’ goal is to help people be more present and connect more by removing our phones out of the equation.

P.s. The lamp also charges your phone!  

Designers: Nina Stratmann and Leonie Schmidt

Tweet of the Week

This tweet blew up (10 likes!!) according to my standard. It shows that when you commit to help people, they appreciate and love it. I learned so much from giving feedback to others, so it’s a win-win situation.

Off-road specials

NBA and WNBA are back! I really love how NBA guys show support to WNBA by wearing the orange WNBA hoodie. The hoodie was initially popularized as a sign of support to WNBA by Kobe Bryant.

Pit stop: Question for you

What is the one thing you did this week that you genuinely enjoy?

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