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Bible college, a Superbowl ad, tasty meals

I’m going back to my OG template since I haven’t been consistent in writing the newsletter for a few months now. Having a structure helps when I don’t know what to write for the week, but I’ll move away from the template if my excitement demands it.

River of Updates

You know about my internship and side business, but I haven’t told you that I’m in Bible College for a semester. FAQ:

  • What are you studying?

Mostly the Bible, but also leadership skills since the official title is Diploma of Leadership. Plus, I love how I have to take an internship unit here and I chose Conference (Event Management) and Marketing. I’ve always wanted to learn about events but never got the opportunity until now.

  • Why did you do it?

I was hesitant because studying instead of working seems illogical, but I felt called to do it so I did. I have zero regrets!

  • How has it been?

It’s been a memorable 16 weeks. The college provided a great foundation for my life as I’ve come out a different person and have grown so much in my faith. The people were amazing, the lecturers were super insightful, and the enthusiasm was infectious. I will definitely miss my friends :(

Wall of Fame

Working in an advertising agency means I occasionally stumble upon remarkable campaigns. This one was fun!

Off-road Specials

Best food I’ve had during this 2 weeks snap lockdown?

Pork jowl spinach salad with roasted potato and fried eggs. The crispiness of the pork + freshness of spinach + potato carbs + creaminess of the egg yolk = SO GOOD. And yeah, I cooked that.

These Vietnamese desserts aren’t messing around. The texture that comes from the variety of different ingredients is exquisite, the durian added irreplaceable creaminess, and it’s not too sweet (the biggest compliment from Asians).

I Work 👷‍♀️ to Eat 🍴

He who does not work shall not eat

Working and eating are our responsibilities. Oftentimes it’s not a choice, but it’s already programmed into our lives. Now let’s talk about it

Sugar High 🍬

At one point, I was eating snacks like crazy. I could finish a loaf of bread in one day, a pack of biscuits for dinner, or a litre of milk within a few hours. It escalated to eating ridiculous amount of sugar for a few weeks. I couldn’t stop myself until I had two huge acne on my nose and chin that are comparable to Rudolph’s. My body was telling me how absurd my sugar consumption was.

That was the start of my interest in nutrition. I don’t wanna know everything about it so I’m not always worried about what I eat, but I want to know enough that I’ll refrain from overeating.

Key points from Matching Your Diet with Your Life podcast with Dr John Berardi:

  • Sleep needs is dependent on your diet and activities

  • Instead of counting calories, pay attention to the calorie source (good or highly processed)

  • Prioritize eating protein, fruit, and veggies as most snacks have carbs in it

  • Fasting helps to control our appetite, we can eat whatever we want after and still maintain our weight

  • Women are much more sensitive to negative energy balance, be more careful with diets

  • The method of ‘intuitive eating’ only works when we are active, sleep enough, and manage stress well

  • Slow down your eating to be mindful instead of emotional eating, it helps you to be aware when you’re full

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Flexible > Remote Work 🏢

Everyone I talked to in my office prefers flexible working arrangements. Our company is doing 3 in office and 2 days WFH, with the office acting as a base where everyone can come in whenever they want to.

For me, flexible work is the ideal mix between connectedness, productivity, and accountability. What do you think?

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Secret Behind the Best Ads

It's the strategy.

In an advertising agency, the strategists final output is a creative brief. The brief won’t tell the creatives what to do, but it will act as a compass for their creativity. Strategists provide insights and creatives will find ways to communicate it to audience.

Here are the creative briefs behind three of my favourites ads.

  1. Like a Girl - Always


Women and men, general public who unconsciously have adopted a stereotype of a girl’s ability


See how their stereotype impact the next generation of girls

By convincing them that

Like a Girl is a good thing instead of an insult


Girls are amazing, women are as accomplished as men but viewed as lesser, there’s a research about how girls’ physicality declines as they enter puberty which is when the stereotypes affect them greatly which

So it feels

Inspirational, genuine, and candid

  1. Donate Your Hair - National Cancer Institute Thailand


Women (or men) with long hair who doesn't know there’s a need for hair donation


Make them aware that they can donate their hair

By convincing them that

Hair is part of a person’s identity


Losing hair feels like losing yourself, losing life, is a physical proof that you are unwell. When people lose their hair it becomes obvious that they’re sick

So it feels

Intimate and touching, familiar yet emotional

  1. The Black Market - Carrefour


Household shoppers who aren’t aware of current regulations and options available to them 


Create change by trying out the illegal produces

By convincing them that

Carrefour is all about people over profit


When Carrefour knows that there are more options available to customers, that is also good for the environment, they are willing to break the law and risk hefty fines.

So it feels

Rebellious, robinhood like vibe, defiant, dramatic.

A creative brief is the foundation for creating ads. In these examples, I reverse engineered the ads and came up with the possible creative brief given to the team.

The biggest lesson from doing this fun challenge is that strategists are writers. I didn't expect that my experience of writing multiple blog posts and newsletters would help me so much!

Getting My First Sale 🧸

from zero to one

In January, I set a goal for my toys online store I just started: get one sale by the end of the month.

On March 8th, I got my first online order and since then I’ve had 10 more.

Here's how I got there:

  • First, I set up a survey to find out which social media and e-commerce platforms my customers are using. I got 0 response.

  • I created stores on the most popular e-commerce platforms in the country (Indonesia), Tokopedia and Shopee along with Facebook and Instagram business accounts.

Some more planning.. (strategist vibez)

I don’t like doing things when I’m unclear about the reason and the direction that I’m going. My next steps was to refine the company’s value proposition to avoid getting into price war. I decided to focus on customer service while having an innovative products.

Since I’ve tried selling online before, I knew that posting everyday wasn’t going to be sustainable especially with limited human resources. Seeing how much work I needed to get done, I decided to hold off the advertising until there are at least 50 products on the stores.


To kick things off, I started by posting 4 items per day, with 1 item per day on social media. Initially, there were no traction, with some posts racking up 0 views.

I tweaked my strategy as I learned more about the platforms’ algorithm. For example, with Shopee I had to research different keywords so my products will appear on top and people are actually searching for it, instead of just naming the product according to internal database.

When I reached around 20 products, customers started to reach out and ask questions although they weren’t buying. I knew that it was only a matter of time before I reached my goal.

Sure enough, an order came in a few days later!

Publishing Sprint

I tried shipping 30 articles for 30 days

If you’ve seen people on Twitter with 🛳 emoji on their name or bio, then you know what I’m talking about.

I was jumping on the cohort and trying to publishing one screenshot essay (approx. 250 words) per day for 30 days, which is why I stopped the newsletter. However after day 13, my schedule changed abruptly (work and start of college) and I didn’t have enough time to write one article per day.

Up until now, I have written 15 articles. Although I didn’t finish what I started, here are some highlights from that challenge (beside the Legend of the Pink Cadillacs).

Crowd’s favourite

Personal favourite
The fact that I’ve overcame myself gave me a confidence boost for the next few days

The one that grew on me

The useful one

Academy of Athens

The school interior is what students expect to see in their universities.

If I were to study design, I would go to Europe. Although some of my friends told me that the place is far from the picturesque image portrayed in movies and books, I still think they have an irreplicable charm. This is evident in their architectures, birthed from blends of various culture throughout their long history.

Tbh, I could be that person who pursue degree after degrees. If only life and education are free!

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I think the best ideas come from conversations, so if you have something to say, feel free to reply or DM me on Twitter. You can also find out more about me or my writing on Sherlearns.com. I promise I will reply to all your messages!

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